Brink MFG takes pride in delivering exceptional grade products that are custom-made exactly to your specifications.


Got a complex part that requires top-level engineering? It’s our mission to create precise parts built on a solid base of originality and formative ideas.


Cutting-edge technology and creativity work hand-in-hand to establish our reputation of excellence in the manufacturing field.


CNC mills, machining centers and lathes, and conventional and Swiss-type CNC screw machines are all calibrated and maintained to manufacturer’s specifications, assuring skilled technical performance and controlled reiteration.

Both large and small precision equipment provide guaranteed capacity for work of all sizes.


Full finish grinding, along with center-less, cylindrical, and surface work provide total project control.


CNC fully automated high volume and manual saws provide easily duplicated programmed cuts.


Technically difficult runs of standard and specialty materials are guaranteed to meet your highest quality standards. Aluminum, brass, copper, plastics, stainless steel, special alloys, steel and composites are broad classes of materials routinely worked.


Quality certified inspection equipment is precisely calibrated to ensure traceable quality assurance.